~~The target 120°F temperature, will instantly begin to expand and loosen muscles and soft tissue groups in the major throwing regions. This heating action will also increase blood flow and circulation to all of the targeted areas. Picture it as a "hot tub for your arm and hands" directed solely to the areas you need targeted during a game and before, to get the most out of every performance.

Preheating Power Supply Included

"The QB Heater"  can be warmed up with the included wall power supply, and waiting for the Quarterback on the sidelines as soon as he comes off the field. 

The wall power supply can be connected to any wall outlet or extension cord, and preheated "The QB Heater to preserve battery life.  The battery is small enough to be left in the pocket of "The QB Heater" and turned on by the quarterback when the sleeve starts to cool down, as needed and desired.  Instant high level heating as soon as the QB leaves the field is the key.   The power supply used to preheat this product  provides continuous heat for readiness. This preheating  method  is preferred by Trainers.


Based off of the same concept as "The Heater" pitching sleeve, "The QB Heater" heats a quarterback's arm all the way up to the shoulder, covering the elbow, triceps, and biceps muscles on the throwing arm.  Additionally, "The QB heater" incorporates a double sided, heated muff pocket, in the front off the half jacket design, to keep the quarterback's hands toasty and warm while on the sideline. 

"The QB Heater" heats to 120f, providing therapy grade heat to a resting Quarterback's arm and hands. The lithium battery is smaller than a deck of cards, and has a surface mounted controller with a push button and LED.

Choose between 4 heats settings, up to 130f. The heat settings on the battery work as follows: Red (98%) Orange (75%) Green (50%) and Flashing Green (25%) Video  above demonstrates the extended life battery's operation.  Controls are all the same on available batteries.

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The QB Heater

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Innovative Sports Heated Sideline Jacket zips ins also available for coaches and players, as well as players cape pocket heaters for all players. All products use the same system. Schoeller Nanosphere soft shell jacket zip in liner pictured to the  left,  and  featured in the video to the right.  Players cape pockets are fitted custom for Team Equipment Managers.