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Click here or on any jacket to order IS logoed waterproof softshell heated jackets and other designs for $349.99.  (Each comes standard with a 2600 mAh LI battery) 

​ *NOTE* Your battery choice can be upgraded to a 5200 mAh battery (black) at checkout, or an additional 2600 mAh (white) batteries as well.  5200 mAh (Black) batteries can be purchased for $99 per individually, or $69 for the 2600 mAh batteries  (white).  Additional  2600 mHp batteries (white) can be purchased at time of Jacket purchase for a discounted price of $49.00 per ($64.99 normally if purchased alone).

The IS Heated Jacket system, heats 160 sq. inches, in the front and back, up to 135 degrees F.  When you buy a heated jacket, you have an expectation about what your experience will be with it when you use it in the cold.  This jacket delivers, and will gladly take the Pepsi challenge will any other heated jacket manufactured anywhere in the world.  No other heated jacket comes close to our surface area of coverage, at the temperature levels we provide.  We also provide the lightest and thinnest heating elements on the market, which are difficult to even detect that are present.  This soft shell jacket is also constructed from breathable waterproof fabric, using sealing all waterproof zips.  This jacket is also manufactured in the United States, in the great state of Oregon, using patent pending designs and process.

​Since 2003 we have built these designs for elite parties across team sports, the military, snow sports, hunting and fishing, expedition and mountaineering, motor sports,  those who suffer from circulatory disorders, or anybody that just hates the cold.   Whether you want to just stay warm watching a game in the stands, or hunting game in the field in our camo jacket versions, you cannot buy a better product of the kind for its purpose.  We provide  survival grade heating. 

The Heated Jacket:  We made the first in history, and we've always made the best

Mike Bellotti, University of Oregon, 2003 Civl War.  The first heated jacket ever produced.

Schoeller Nanosphere fabric qualities

ESPN Baseball Tonight 2005 World Series

Made in Men's and Women's in all sizes in black, camo, and University of Oregon designs 

Mike Bellotti, University of Oregon, 2004 Civil War. IS zip in heated vest customized for onfield  jacket.

Additional Videos Featuring our Heated Jackets below 

Each of our jackets can be powered with either one of 2  lithium battery designs ( both 12 volt) Pictured above.  Both batteries have integrated, surface mounted controllers with a button to regulate four different heat levels (98 % - 25% of full power),  and a single light which displays the heat setting, or the charge status of each battery.   The 2600 mAh(white battery above) comes standard with each jacket, and is smaller than a deck of cards.

(Standard with each jacket) The white 2600 mAh LI  battery (smaller than a deck of cards, 4.5 oz) will last for approximately 1 hour on hi, 2 hours on medium, and around 3 hours on low, depending on ambient temperature conditions.

(Optional upgrade) The black 5200 mAh LI battery (the size of an iphone , 9 oz)  will last for approximately 2 hours on hi, 4 hours on medium, and 5 and around a half hours on low, depending on ambient temperature conditions.  

Choose either battery option based on the weight you would like the carry and the duration of heat you need. paragraph here.

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U of O Men's and Women' s styles available!aphere.