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We take great pride in providing that which others cannot, and continue to introduce first of a kind designs.  There is no other wearable heating system that heats as large an area, to as high a temperature, or offers smart phone control which is  thermostat driven. 

Who we are

Simply The Best


Founded in Eugene, OR in 2003, Innovative Sports Inc. brings together the best  wearable materials, to provide the gold standard heating system and portable power for clothing.  We invented the heated pitching sleeve, and the heated jacket.  We were the first to offers USB charging of electronics from a heated jacket battery.  We also offer an entire line of wearable heating designs for all parts of the body, all driven using the same system.


To provide wearable heat and portable power, in the lightest, safest, most dynamically controlled system on earth.

PH: 541-514-7390